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Langhe Favorita D.O.C.

Made with grapes from vineyards located in the hills of Roero, enhances the characteristics of the soil composed of sand and fossils of marine origin. It is said that it is received by the Liguria along the streets of the salt and the oil, so that his can be assimilated to the Vermentino grape. The vine produces a table grape favorite for the table, hence its name of grapes "favored". It 'also called by the peasants, "Furmentin" to the golden color of its clusters, reminiscent of the grain at harvest time.   The territory of the municipality of Santa Vittoria d'Alba is an area chosen by the vineyards of Muscat which mostly produce grapes destined to be turned into a base for wine Asti Spumante, a sweet sparkling wine quality most famous in the world.
Denomination of Controlled Origin D.O.C.: 
D.M. 22 novembre 1994, modificato con D.M. 21 febbraio 1996 e D.M. 22 agosto 2001
Favorita 100%
Minimum total alcoholic strength by volume: 
10,5 % vol.
Minimum total alcohol content: 
10,5 % vol.
Serving temperature: 
0 '- 12' C in glasses for white wines within one-two years after harvest
Straw yellow with greenish reflections.
delicate, fresh, fruity like apple and banana.
dry and slightly bitter, with a final soft and delicate. Intense aroma is fruity.

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