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Moscato Classic Method

Moscato is the wine of celebration. It 's the oldest vine in Piedmont, already known in Roman times for its grapes especially sweet. The territory of the municipality of Santa Vittoria d'Alba is an area chosen by the vineyards of Muscat which mostly produce grapes destined to be turned into a base for wine Asti Spumante, a sweet sparkling wine quality most famous in the world. For some years, however, has rediscovered the tradition of Moscato d'Asti, just crisp, prepared with great care and skill by the appropriate cellar masters to rave reviews and gaining more and more space within the market and with an image of great quality.
Denomination of Controlled Origin D.O.C.: 
Ministerial Decree November 29, 1993, as amended by Ministerial Decree August 14, 1995
Moscato White 100%
Minimum total alcoholic strength by volume: 
11% of which took place within the limits from 4.5% to 6.5%
Serving temperature: 
8' - 10' C
pale or golden yellow, more or less intense
characteristic, intense and fruity.
sweet, fruity, slightly fizzy. Aroma of flowers such as acacia, hawthorn and lily of the valley.

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