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Barbera D'Alba D.O.C.

The Barbera d'Alba is the quintessential wine of the Piedmont tradition, rude and a bit 'rustic, stubborn and unobtrusive, which has always distinguished itself for the pleasure of aromas and its harmonic completeness. Today, after extensive review and evaluation is proposed as a modern wine, elegant, able to find both a very wide market for both large and important successes, due to the choice of soils in which the grapes are grown, the technique and passion of cellar masters   The color is inviting aromas are suggestive hints of fruity (in his youth) or austerity (at maturity). The taste is full and rich, an acidity gives it freshness and fragrance, making this wine suitable for the trends of modern drinking.
Denomination of Controlled Origin D.O.C.: 
D.P.R. 27.5.1970
Minimum total alcohol content: 
12,0 % vol.
Serving temperature: 
18 '- 20' C in a balloon glass and drunk within 5-6 years after harvest
As a young presents with a lively ruby red with garnet years purchasing.
intense and vinous, becoming ethereal with aging. Scents of plum, blackberry, jam, spicy and toasty.
dry, full-bodied, with a marked acidity and quite tannic. With proper aging reaches a more full and harmonious taste.

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