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The Roero

The Roero is a territory between the course of the Tanaro and the provinces of Asti and Turin , is therefore between Langhe and Monferrato , in the middle of the hills of the wine.
The area has geo- morphological characters homogeneous; its cultural identity stems from strong moments of aggregation and cohesion history.
The total area is 420 square kilometers and has a population of over 75,000 inhabitants , and its territory is divided into 25 municipalities.
The landscape has deep valleys with steep slopes and hills variously cultivated with vineyards and orchards .
The peculiarity of the landscape are the Rocche del Roero , a deep rift that runs through the area by dividing it into two: one is particularly interesting attraction for lovers of wild nature and untouched

The slopes of the hills are the realm of viticulture and fruit growing .

The sandy soil of marine origin of the Tertiary , crumbly and ocher , is well suited to crops . The inhabitants over the centuries , have altered the landscape originally rich in woods and forests stealing spaces that are now devoted mainly to fruit (peaches, pears , and strawberries are Madernassa local products ) and viticulture
The Roero is characterized by a landscape dotted with small villages perched on hills, rich in artistic , cultural and historic churches , castles, ancient towers are a unique heritage ; Roman ruins , medieval and baroque art examples are of considerable interest .
The kitchen of the Roero region is particularly renowned as a perfect blend of rural tradition with that of the table for the presence of aristocratic landlords and bourgeoisie, that refined and elaborated dishes with delicate refinement peasants .
The Roero is a land of fine wines that highlight the cuisine and originate from a particular viticultural land that always offers elegant wines , fruity and inviting.