Plaster Cast Collection

gottino gipso

The Municipality of Santa Vittoria d’Alba boasts the illustrious fellow citizen Gioachino Chiesa, a distinguished sculptor, famous all over the world, for having adorned with his works great institutions, bodies, churches and private citizens. His creative activity is expressed in an enormous quantity of sculptural works presented in numerous national and international exhibitions. This fervent activity has allowed him to obtain various honors including the Knighthood of the Republic for artistic merits, while the Tiberina Academy of Rome, the Accademia dei Cinquecento and the Accademia Teatina of Pescara count him among their most authoritative members. Now the plaster sketches of the numerous sculptures by Maestro Gioachino Chiesa are exhibited in a setting worthy of the most noble museums for the attentive visitor, who will be able to appreciate them in a stupendous glance.